Flychter: Video



Arms spread out

Palms to the ground

Barely to the clouds

But I can see you now


Smiling in the clear

Out in the open air

The hounds off the leash

Watch them running free


It’s okay to say

We don’t know the way

The waves crash and break

Or how many they’ll take



The hawk and the hummingbird

I saw you hanging out

The tree had no leaves

And you were looking back at me!


I’m looking back again

And you’re looking back at me

We need our spirit renewed

To be free

Spirit renewed

The crow and the seagull

Fight in the sunset light

Red ants and the fog fall

In natures lap


Down River

I swear we were


Maybe this is a reflection

Of what’s to come

Spirits renew

Spirits renew

To be free

We’re in the city again

Spirits renew

To be free

Spirits renewed

Set me free


It wasn’t time

You weren’t in the right mind

It wasn’t the right time

What else could I say?

It doesn’t matter

Cause you don’t remember

Maybe we can piece it together

It was good though

We talked about it

Maybe it’s just not the right time

Time to rest

It’s time to rest


It wasn’t the right time

I was out of mind

I wasn’t there

It was somebody else in my skin


I wasn’t gonna work things out

I do what I can when I have to

I wasn’t gonna work things out

There’s just so much I have to remember

And that’s life, I understand this


it’s a two way street


Transfer me under the sun


I wasn’t gonna do what you want

And you seem to take issue with what I’m gonna do

And my solution was just to change my belief

Who deserves it more than me?


A rope to wander on

For us to hold onto

Don’t you know we all are learning


it’s a two way street